(Lov) // The Lady In Pink

This past Sunday was the day of our Vlass Family tradition of taking Lydia to the Pumpkin Patch! Last year she was a Rag Doll and the year before that, she was a cute little Lady Bug. She has known EXACTLY what she wanted to be this year... all year long. As most parents of little ones know all too well, favorite TV shows change daily. The Backyardigans (my personal favorite) has always remained at the top of her list. One episode in particular called "International Super Spy" is indeed her absolute favorite. The Lady in Pink is a secret agent played by Uniqua who is a sort of a James Bond type villain. She's very Mod, very pink, and has a killer menacing laugh that Lydia perfected in the car on the way there. She had kind of a sad moment when she realized that we had forgotten her white gloves... so I didn't even tell her I forgot to make the ears for her hat (pregnancy brain)!  Alas, I assured her that this wasn't ACTUALLY Halloween and that we would have another chance to get it just perfect. She had a great time...sans pink curly ears and white gloves. 

Once back home, Lydia painted pumpkins (one for her and one for the new baby) while I made a pie! 

Happy Halloween Everybody!

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